high school hallway with lockers
Hey how was your weekend

An exceptionally bright but irresponsible ​student is forced by his 5th-grade teacher to ​start a Saturday book club but gets far more ​than he expected.



Hey! How was your weekend? Is an engaging live-action and flash-animated educational series based in the heart ​of Metro Atlanta, GA. This blend of Reading Rainbow and Wild Kratts serves as a stage for authors, both past and ​present, to take children on a captivating learning experience. Our goal is simple - to foster a love for reading ​among children, particularly boys of color. By opening the doors to new worlds and possibilities through reading, ​every child can embark on incredible adventures that leave indelible marks and valuable life lessons. This series ​has multiple missions: to inspire interest in reading among children in struggling school systems, offer an option ​for parents seeking to encourage their children to read more and provide talented authors a platform to ​showcase their stories. Join us in this meaningful journey of imagination and knowledge. Together, we can make ​a difference and nurture a passion for reading that lasts a lifetime.

"Literacy is the basic building block for the rest of an academic career and the lifetime that follows it. Research shows that kids ​who come from homes where reading was a priority, and they were read to by their parents, perform better academically ​throughout their lives."

- Matthew Lynch, Black Boys in Crisis

Elementary School Building

The Learning Academy looks like your typical K - 8-grade school. But in the unrenovated section of the school, ​the north wing is an eccentric librarian with a tiny secret. He can transport and transform disinterested ​students into animated characters within a book. With the snap of a finger, Mr. Frances Bordeaux can take you ​anywhere! Each weekend, this book club will not only experience adventures but will have the opportunity to ​meet professionals in their element!

high school hallway with lockers

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The U.S. reading crisis is 20 years in the making; 130 million read below 6th grade level.


Early Signs in Children

According to a special report, Early Warning, from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, reading on grade-level by ​the end of third grade is one of the most critical milestones in education. Studies show that 74% of third ​graders who read poorly still struggle in ninth grade, and third-grade reading scores can predict a student’s ​likelihood to graduate high school. As Donald Hernandez reported in Double Jeopardy, children who do not ​read proficiently by the end of third grade are four times more likely to leave school without a diploma than ​proficient readers. While those with the lowest reading scores account for only a third of students, this group ​accounts for more than 63% of all children who do not graduate from high school.

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According to the National Assessment of Adult Literacy, 2/3 of students who cannot ​read proficiently by the end of the fourth grade will end up in jail or on welfare.

Meet Our Team

Elizabeth Hobbs

The creator of Hey! How was your weekend? and the Owner & Founder of Canary

Entertainment Studios; a budding new multi-media film, and animation start-up company that creates socially responsible content for children and families.

Sonya Denyse

As the Founder of DreamDevelopment, Sonya serves as a base of entertainment professionals and notable clients, supporting their execution and delivery of creative projects. Sonya has raised $1M to help public and private sectors clients realize their dreams through corporate sponsorship, crowdfunding, product placement, and individual donations/investment.

ECG Productions

A full-service video production and post-production company based in Atlanta, Georgia. Since 2007, ECG has spearheaded some of the most cutting-edge content across the continuum of the industry. From feature films to corporate videos, branded content to t.v. shows, music videos to 360 executions: they’ve done it all, and then some. Their winning combination of best-in-class technology and seasoned team members is unrivaled. Some of their clients include; Delta, UPS, Mercedes Benz, Fox Sports, Samsung, Motorola, Playstation, Goldman Sachs, Elf on the Shelf, and many more.

Peggy Johnson

Peggy Still Johnson’s career spans from artist, composer, producer, educator to entrepreneur and nonprofit professional. Peggy has a Bachelor of Music Degree specializing in film composing and graduated Magna Cum Laude. Peggy has worked on such films as “Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” “Parental Guidance,” and “Bessie,” and composed the music for the film "Man Enough to Heal, Don't Worry I'm Fine" telling stories of hope for victims of sexual abuse.

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